Types of membership avail

  • Tag a long --- this is for people who have their own kayak or sup and just want to be apart of the kayak group
  • Lisa's kayaks annual pass-- allows you to use any of the equipment as much as you like in a group setting or solo setting.  ( If you have guest they would pay separate)
  • Family membership-- discounted rates for family all signing up at same time. 
  • Corporate Membership- allows your company to have gathering on a regular basis ( employees can also come when ever they like on their off time.  Great way to engage and connect with your team.             ( makes a great year end purchase on profits you would just pay taxes on anyway)  Minimum of 15 to hold corporate pass. 

Being Part of Lisa's Kayaks Adventure club is a great way to 

  • make new friends of like mind
  • learn or improve new skills
  • group holds you to accountability so if you don't show up we ask why not???
  • Kayaks few times a week
  • other activites include   hiking, biking, boating, socials
  • must hold annual pass to take part in group events
  • all kayaks and stand up boards included.
  • ​incentive program allows you to earn money towards your next renewal 
  • no transporting
  • no maintaining 
  • one price for the entire year.